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Information Sheet: Information sheet 09

Opportunities for grants and funding


There is help with bank borrowing under a scheme called “The Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme”, a government scheme to help the banks lend money to projects by providing a guarantee to the banks to secure some of the lending. Not all types of businesses and projects are covered and each case is judged on its own merits, but it is an important source of government help.

Key issues

  • Contact your Local Authority or rural hub to find out about initiatives in your area
  • Prepare clear objectives, outcomes and timescales 
  • Consider sources of funding directly relevant to your project
  • Be prepared to tailor your project to funding opportunities
  • Your bank can provide details of grant funding and details of the government’s Small Firm Loan Guarantee Scheme.


Public funding for commercial recreation projects is very diverse and is dependant on a variety of factors. Factors affecting funding include local geographic designations and the nature of the project in addition to the type of applicant. Your local authority can direct you to the sources of funding available.

To obtain funding your project will require clear proposed outcomes and timescales. You may be required to create specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related targets and indicators make the benefits of the project clear. These can relate to your business or management plan.

Objectives should be sustainable, considering benefits to the local population, benefits to the local economy and the protection and enhancement of the environment. Proposed economic return may affect the funding opportunities available.

Your objectives should relate to that of the organisation that you are seeking funding from. Funding opportunities will depend on the organisations objectives in addition to government policy and initiatives. Organisations will usually be able to direct you towards other sources of funding available. Match funding may be required for some sources. Some sources of funding are only available at certain times of year, or demand may be high so resources may be taken up quickly, you should plan ahead if you wish to obtain grants or funding.

Rural hubs are funded to create a one stop approach for business advice and funding from the rural community. They are best placed to provide co-ordinated advice on diversification.




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