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Information Sheet: Information sheet 10

Staff training and recruitment


You may require staff support to develop and maintain your woodland recreation activity. This may involve recruiting new staff or training existing staff. The following information sheet provides information and contacts for staff training and recruitment.

Key issues

• Invest in staff training

• Health and safety should be considered

• Will the project require volunteers, contractors or paid staff?

• Approach local educational establishments and volunteer organisations

• Employers responsibilities and employment law


Attracting and retaining staff is becoming more difficult as the labour market tightens. Many support agencies such as business link and the Chambers of Commerce offer very helpful general advice to guide employers through the complex legislation surrounding the employment of staff.

Getting the terms and conditions right (e.g. rates of pay) to compete for labour is a key issue that will require some original research. Particular attention should be paid to staff induction and lines of supervision.

Staff may be required for site management including visitor management, construction, interpretation, maintenance and woodland management. Depending on what operations will be carried out on site staff may also be required with expertise in specific activities or enterprises, such as catering staff. It may also be necessary to employ staff or consultants to aid in the management of your business.

Investing in existing staff can be beneficial. Offering in house training where staff share expertise or experience and providing opportunities for continuing professional development will help your business in terms of recruitment and expertise.

Staff will require training for the purposes of health and safety, particularly if they are working with the public or using specialist equipment. Specialist staff may be required for some activities.

The number of staff required for each activity should be considered in addition to whether these staff would be employed on a full or part time basis. To seek qualified staff approach local educational establishments specialising in your activity or advertise in publications relating to that activity. If you do not have the resources to employ paid staff you could seek the assistance of volunteers, in which case you should approach volunteer organisations such as the British Trust for Conservation volunteers, The Wildlife Trust and the National Trust. For specific works on a short term basis you could hire contractors.

contact information


Local educational establishments

Woodland publications: Forestry Journal; Timber Trades Journal; Forestry; Smallwoods; Quarterly Journal of Forestry; Ecolots; Tree News

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers:

The National Trust:

The Wildlife Trust:

Business Link:

Chambers of commerce:

Job Centre Plus:

Local Employment Agencies

Other Local Employers