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Activity Idea: Accommodation: Caravan campsites, cabins

Holidays or short breaks in caravans, cabins or on campsites are proving increasingly popular, and woodland provides an ideal setting.

The most basic level of provision would entail some space set aside for tents, with access to drinking water and provision made for toilet facilities. At the other end of the scale are the large, purpose-built cabin developments that cover hundreds of acres.


information sheets

To learn more about obtaining planning permission look at Information sheet 1  


To learn more about environmental, landscape and heritage issues look at Information sheet 2


To learn more about where to seek professional advice look at Information sheet 3


To learn more about creating a business plan look at Information sheet 4


To learn more about infrastructure, access and facilities look at Information sheet 6


To learn more about insurance look at Information sheet 7


To learn more about Marketing, Advertising and Research look at Information sheet 8


To learn more about opportunities for grants and funding look at Information sheet 9


To learn more about staff training and recruitment look at Information sheet 10


To learn more about working with existing tourism, recreation and leisure enterprises look at Information sheet 11


To learn more about promoting diversity look at Information sheet 13



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