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Case Study: mayfield, east sussex.

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limited opportunities for young people to engage in physical and other leisure activities were leading to social problems. A consultation exercise led to the creation of a youth club, skateboard park and multi-duty sports court.

Mayfield – Youth Diversionary Project

Location & Issues

· Mayfield, East Sussex

· Limited physical activity opportunities for young people to participate, therefore crime and aggravation were becoming an issue.

Main Partners

  • Local council and community committee
  • Parish Council
  • Around a dozen young people (aged 11-19)
  • SRB grant
  • Mayfield Multi-Sports Project Fund
  • Sussex Police Joint Initiative Fund

Project Description

The aim of the scheme was to set up a ‘youth diversionary park’ associated with reducing crime, vandalism and drug abuse.

The content of the project were to include the creation of:

  • Skateboard Park
  • Enclosed heavy duty multi-sports court
  • Youth club, with a full time employee.

Project Outcomes

  • The project has proved a very popular, highly used skate park
  • Aggravation is no longer an issue
  • Skateboarding is confined to the park
  • Petty crime and vandalism has been minimised.
  • Drug abuse is more controlled

contact information

Project Co-ordinator: John Lewis
Telephone: 01435 873784