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Demonstrating how 'real life' solutions are making a real difference to the quality of life in rural areas can be very powerful. The case studies below have been compiled to offer you a greater insight into what works in engaging rural communities through sport and recreation. The case studies demonstrate some generic success factors, including; a commitment to sharing resources, a multi-activity approach, a commitment to investing in people as well as places and innovative in approach.

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the escalate (empowering sports coaches, administrators, leaders and tutors in essex) project

example of what can be developed to help rural communities develop and educate their sports coaches and teachers.

Location & Issues


There was a lack of continuous professional development opportunities across the area and a need to improve existing coaches and educate new ones.

Main Partners

  • Essex County Council
  • Sports Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Teachers

Project Description

This case study is not specifically located in a rural area, however it is a great example of what can be developed to help rural communities develop and educate their sports coaches and teachers.

The ESCALATE project has been developed by the coach development sub-group of the Essex sports development forum, who had identified a gap in provision of support for sports deliverers. The project implements an element of continuous professional development for local sports coaches.


Set up to create a unified voice, promote the sharing of good practice, to provide education and training, to support the development, provide employment opportunities and to provide information on local, county and national initiatives and is open to all those involved in sport from coaches, officials, teachers and tutors to sports administrators across the county of Essex

Project Outcomes

A membership base has been created with an increasing number of coaches from wide variety of sports. With the following demonstrating its growth and sustainability:

Ongoing activities and courses.
Discussions, regular newsletters, details on funding sources
Information on local, county and national initiatives, coach and accreditation awards and coach scholarship schemes

Project Costs

Funding obtained from awards for all amounting to £4,800. Costs to participants of an annual membership fee of £5

Further Details

Sports Development Manager:
Linda Gaine
Telephone: 01245 436277