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Case Study: sandalwood farm diversification feasibility study



Murrow– Cambridgeshire

Main Partners

  • Mr Graham Brownlow, Landowner
  • Fenland District Council Community Regeneration Team
  • Sport England East
  • DEFRA Rural Development Service

Project Description

This brief had been prepared as the basis for consultants to prepare a feasibility study and action plan for the proposed Sandalwood Farm Community Sport & Recreation Project.
This “phase 1” feasibility and action plan had been proposed and resourced through a consortium approach involving Sport England East, Fenland District Council and the landowner, Mr Graham Brownlow.
Subsequent support had been received by both DEFRA RDS and ADER in developing the project brief. The successful consultants will report to the project management group comprising the above stakeholder agencies in partnership with Mr Graham Brownlow (detailed arrangements will be defined upon appointment)

Study Focus Outputs

The feasibility study report included the following key outputs:

  • A detailed favoured project model (s) – what is needed locally
  • A development plan with associated timescales (for future phases) and project costing for implementation – projected capital and revenue
  • A suggested operational plan including preferred management model (focus on community engagement at heart of project)
  • Any planning, access and parking issues & considerations for site development
  • Identified sources of partnership funding towards project costs – a critical analysis of how this proposed development meet funding criteria and priorities for investment
  • Proposals for usage and a marketing strategy for income generation
  • Case Study examples of other similar project developments
  • Health & Safety requirements of such a project – linked to staffing, child protection, property maintenance and customer safety
  • Signage issues
  • Equality Inclusive opportunities in relation to site use and design of facilities including potential buildings, toilets, showers, meeting rooms, café, event administration
  • Make recommendations about appropriate legal, constitutional and management structure for further development of project
  • Identify training requirements for staff and volunteers working at the project site
  • Identify potential site users and market opportunities
  • Links to other local activities, conservation and wild projects, play areas for all ages and the need for recycling points
  • Limited consultation meetings including selected 1:1 meetings with stakeholder agencies and a possible community session
  • Suggested funding opportunities which may be appropriate for implementation of any future phases of development


A project budget of £8,000 was available to resource this work.

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