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Demonstrating how 'real life' solutions are making a real difference to the quality of life in rural areas can be very powerful. The case studies below have been compiled to offer you a greater insight into what works in engaging rural communities through sport and recreation. The case studies demonstrate some generic success factors, including; a commitment to sharing resources, a multi-activity approach, a commitment to investing in people as well as places and innovative in approach.

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Case Study: bridge of reeds

BOR - small
Proposed landmark for the East of England which will also provide access to a large area of countryside for rural recreation.



The 'Bridge of Reeds' is a proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge across the A14 to the east of Cambridge, linking the city with the countryside via a nine-mile network of cycle and footpaths taking in an expanded and enhanced Wicken Fen Nature Reserve.

Main Partners

The Bridge of Reeds partnership is made up of the following groups and organisations:

  • National Trust
  • Marshall of Cambridge
  • Greater Cambridge Partnership
  • EEDA
  • Sustrans 

Project Description

The entire project is separated into four distinct elements:

  • The Bridge of Reeds
  • The Wicken Fen Vision - a long-term project to create a 4,000 hectare nature reserve
  • Wicken Drove - a network of paths and cycleways
  • Visitors Centre

Project Aims

This exciting new project has the following aims:

  • A 'green lung' for Cambridge.
  • A new leisure and recreation resource for residents of the Cambridge sub-region and beyond.
  • A dramatic landmark at the centre of the East of England.
  • Improved access to the countryside.
  • Health and well-being benefits for users.

The main focus of the project at the moment is to consult with the public, to obtain their thoughts and opinions on how the project should develop.

Visit the Bridge of Reeds website for more information about the future plans for the project and how the public can take part in the consultation process. There is a FAQ section which gives answers to questions such as how the project is being funded and other important issues. Click on the link to the right for further information on the project. Construction of the bridge and Wicken Drove is due to begin in 2008.

 A model of how the "Bridge of Reeds" over the A14 will look.

contact information

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