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This Forestry Commission resource aims to give practical guidance on how to manage people in woodlands. Whether you are an owner, site manager or staff advisor, we hope this collection of guidance notes and essential links to further support and resources will help you as part of your overall woodland management.

About the resource

For many years the Forestry Commission have been welcoming visitors to our National Forests and woodlands and have gained enourmous expertise in doing this. Specialist staff help to plan manage and deliver a range of activities, facilites and services aimed at people visiting these sites. This guidance is based mainly on the collation of Forestry Commission best practice, staff and procedural guidance, information and resources. 

The full guidance given as notes, FAQ's and Tools has been specifically drafted for this website and with a wider audience in mind - anybody involved in managing people on sites! The guidance has it's limits in that it is largely introductory in nature and as with all subject areas, there is always alot more to find as you extend or specialise activities. We also thank many other organisations who are involved in providing for countryside access and recreation whom we refer to in these pages.