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The Commercial Recreation Toolkit is for existing or prospective woodland landowners, managers or tenants in the East of England. Many will be newcomers to commercial recreation and will be seeking new ways to make money from their land and woods.

We encourage users to help us improve this site. If you have any activity ideas which we have missed, if you have an interesting case study to share, or if you find any errors or a link missing then please use the "contact us" facility and get in touch.

About the site

The website details when and how to seek professional advice and is an analysis and a business advisory package demonstrating how recreation, leisure and tourism activities can provide a financial return in a sustainable manner alongside other woodland priorities such as timber production and biodiversity.

The site will signpost you to sources of information that can aid you in establishing and managing a project, and is designed to give you as an individual as much information as is possible, but refers you to professionals where appropriate.



Danny Crates and children from Bosmere County Primary School at the launch of Naturally Active.
The Naturally Active web site was launched by double-gold winning paralympic champion Danny Crates (Click here for more about Danny) on 18th January 2006.
The best place to start is in the "helping you" section. This allows you to look at over 80 commercial activities that may be applicable in woodland. Each activity is automatically linked to relevant case studies and important information notes.