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The Commercial Recreation Toolkit is for existing or prospective woodland landowners, managers or tenants in the East of England. Many will be newcomers to commercial recreation and will be seeking new ways to make money from their land and woods.

We encourage users to help us improve this site. If you have any activity ideas which we have missed, if you have an interesting case study to share, or if you find any errors or a link missing then please use the "contact us" facility and get in touch.


The Naturally Active site is the product of participation. The partners would like to thank all of the following for their help with the woodland commercial recreation toolkit:

Phase 1

The Landscape Partnership. TLP compiled and tested the information notes, the case studies and the questions that appear in the "wizard". See

Our guinea pigs for testing phase one of the woodland commercial recreation toolkit: Fiona and Steve Peck, Stockwell Farm; Tony Talbot, Forest of Marston Vale Toby Coke, High House, Weasenham;FCWoodland Officers and Giles Brockman.

All those who contributed case studies: Barbra Newbury, Manor Farm Country Park; Tim Dixon, Moors Valley Country Park; Kathryn Boler, Rockingham Forest Trust; Tony Phillips, Rocks East Woodland; Mike Seville, Sandringham Estate; Debbie Bartlett, The Blean Project; Martin Reed, The Hilltops Centre; Sir John and Lady Ropner, Thorpe Perrow Arboretum and Woodland Garden;Giles Drake-Brockman, High Lodge

Phase 2

Objective IT. Objective are responsible for the lovely design and patient execution of this web site. See

Photo credits

The majority of the photos used are from the Forestry Commission Forest Life Picture Library, and Steve Scott.

Special thanks also go to Clare Nichols for her horse, Sid and Elaine Cooper for their clay pigeon, Paul Pugh for his trials bike, and Derek Robins for the disc golf shots.

The steering group

The following have given selflessly of their time on top of the day jobs, without whom...: Lesley Anderson (EEDA), Rebecca Britton and Barney Brown (Forestry Commission), Mike Dowdall (then East of England Tourist Board), Chris Jones (Sport England East), Suzanne Martin (Forest Research), and Steve Scott (Forestry Commission).

Hall of fame

Helen Townsend, for coming up with the idea in the first place....


The partners would like to thank all those who gave of their time and expertise to launch Naturally Active so successfully at the High Lodge Visitor Centre on 18th January 2006: Sporting Champion Danny Crates; Fernando Brown from Discology; Paul from Bike Art; Mr & Mrs Ray Smith from Anglia Llamas; Pat Holtom from EEDA; Chris Perks from Sport England East; Helen Townsend and Marie Makins from the Forestry Commission; Jenny Thompson from GNN; Sue Forsyth; Giles, Peter, Alison, Dawn, Alison, Howard and Darren from Forest Enterprise.


If anyone has been missed out then apologies, but please let us know!