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This "green" part of the web site is designed for existing or prospective woodland landowners, managers or tenants. Many will be newcomers to commercial recreation and will be seeking new ways to make money from their land and woods.

The best place to start is in the "helping you" section. This part of the site helps you search for commercial recreation activities that might be applicable in woodland. Each activity is associated with a series of relevant case studies and invaluable information notes to help you decide what might work for you.

These information notes detail the key issues you will need to consider when planning a commercial recreation activity.
Information sheet 01

A guide to obtaining planning permission

Information sheet 02

Environment, Landscape and Heritage

Information sheet 03

Where to seek professional advice

Information sheet 04

Creating a business plan

Information sheet 05

Education, the arts and health initiatives

Information sheet 06

Infrastructure, access and facilities

Information sheet 07


Information sheet 08

Marketing, Advertising and Research

Information sheet 09

Opportunities for grants and funding

Information sheet 10

Staff training and recruitment

Information sheet 11

Working with existing tourism, recreation and leisure enterprises

Information sheet 12

Working with other woodland activities

Information sheet 13

Promoting Diversity